What will you bake this October?

Take part in Give a Hand and Bake this October. Every year people from all over the UK bake to support people recovering from stroke. Whether you are a dab hand in the kitchen or you're whisking your first batch, everything tastes better with a big dollop of friends.

Thank you to everyone that took part in Give a Hand and Bake this year and we hope you had a fantastic bake week. Sign ups to receive a fundraising pack are now closed but we'll soon have our digital version of the fundraising pack avaliable for download. 

Why bake?

Having a bake sale is a great way to see friends, family and colleagues for a catch up with a slice of cake and cuppa, whist supporting a great cause. Stroke strikes every five minutes, and is still the fourth single largest cause of death in the UK. The money you raise will allow us to support stroke survivors and get one step closer to conquering stroke. 

Knead a little inspiration?

If you need some help, don't worry, we'll get your baking off to a great start:
  • when you sign up you’ll receive our baking pack to help you all the way
  • we'll send you some handy recipe cards for you to follow and impress your friends.
It’s as easy as 1,2,3. Pick a date, invite some friends and bake.

See the difference you bake

By baking for Give a Hand and Bake you are giving support to stroke survivors and their families. Stroke can change a life in an instant and My Stroke Guide is here to help support recovery. My Stroke Guide is an online tool that gives free access to trusted information about different types of stroke, risk factors and secondary conditions, as well as advice on prevention and improving health. 

It has practical tools and over 200 videos to help stroke survivors understand stroke and manage its effects. This includes a dedicated section for family and friends, which provides information on the impact of stroke and advice about supporting loved ones. Our online community connects thousands of people so they can share stories and tips and find out how they can manage their recovery. 

My Stroke Guide can help support recovery, no matter where you live, 24/7.

  • £20 could pay for us to reach six people with My Stroke Guide
  • £65 could pay for our trained volunteers to introduce My Stroke Guide to stroke clubs and groups across the country for a month
  • £240 could pay for a tablet for Co-ordinators to demonstrate My Stroke Guide to Stroke Survivors in their homes (additional cost of £15/month for data).

That’s a pretty incredible accomplishment from a few cupcakes and pies isn’t it?

If you have any more questions, please take a look at our Give a Hand and Bake FAQ page.