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With your support, we can do so much more to provide vital local and national services for people affected by stroke.

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Why we're running

Allie's resolution

Allie Pugh, 50, was inspired to take part in Stroke Association running events after her mum, who has since passed away, sadly had a severe stroke several years ago. Allie has now completed the Trentham Garden’s Resolution Run in honour and memory of her mum for an impressive five years in a row.

This year she’s hoping to get her friends involved. Some of Allie’s friends are new to running, but in the last few months they’ve really got the bug. Supporting each other definitely helps to keep everyone motivated.

Allie said: “It’s nice to have the company and chance to catch up on an evening run. Trentham Gardens is one of my favourite places, it’s gorgeous, just the most perfect location for a running event.” 

My resolution is… to spend more time with friends, keeping fit together. I hope to encourage them to join me on a 5k Resolution Run this year.

Barry's resolution

Last year, Barry Cheema, 42, worked his way through an incredible year of running challenges for the Stroke Association, including ten full marathons, ten half marathons, ten 10km runs and a gruelling 24-hour race.

When Barry was just 16, his father experienced a serious stroke. He was unconscious for a week and the doctors weren’t sure whether he would survive. Fortunately, he pulled through but spent months in hospital recovering. More recently Barry lost a close friend to stroke, and it was this event that spurred him on to complete his monumental running challenge.

Barry said: “I’m so pleased to have been able to raise over £4,000 for a charity that means so much to me.” 

My resolution is… to take my running to the next level. I just can’t turn down a challenge.

Jo and Emma's resolution

Stroke survivor, Jo Gotheridge, 43, and her daughter Emma, 14, are always on the lookout for the next race to sign up to, as it really helps to keep Jo motivated about staying on track with her fitness goals.

Having a stroke was the last thing that Jo expected to happen in her late 30s. She began to feel unwell whilst at work and was taken to hospital, but thankfully received treatment quickly, which she believes had a huge impact on her recovery.

Jo was advised to lose weight following her stroke, she said: “I wasn’t keen on making lifestyle changes, but my stroke was the wake-up call I needed. I started slowly, we got a dog to keep me company and I enjoyed taking him for walks. Now I’ve really got the bug. I do lots of fitness classes, some of them with my daughter, and we also go running together.” 

My resolution is… to lead a healthy lifestyle and inspire my daughter to think about fitness and body image in a positive way.

Fundraising materials

We appreciate all of your fundraising and thank you for working hard to raise money for us throughout your Resolution Run journey. 

  • You can download a sponsorship form that you can take wherever you go and people can make their pledge without having to give their money there and then.
  • You can also get creative and use some of our fundraising tips to help you reach your target.
  • Get online with a JustGiving page. It’s easy to share with friends and family on email and social media, so you’ll reach more people and raise more for the Stroke Association. And it makes our lives a lot easier too - less paperwork to process means we can be more efficient and save money.
  • We've also created a training support plan to get you ready to complete your run. 

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