Nick, 54, lives in Chepstow with his wife Jo and his three children: Jemma, Rhys and Rebecca.

Nick, a former chief executive of the Institute of Financial Planning, had just started a presentation for students on financial planning when he had a devastating stroke in the week leading up to Easter in 2013.

He said: “I don’t remember much about the day but I have been told my face dropped, my speech became slurred and I collapsed.

“I found it very difficult when my family and close friends came to visit. I couldn’t communicate with my children.

“I have aphasia and dyspraxia and, though I can now read and write most things, I really struggled with it at the time. I couldn’t speak for weeks and had confusion with yes and no. Initially I couldn’t even say or write my name. I used photos to help me get started.”

Around one in three stroke survivors will experience aphasia following a stroke, which can be terrifying and isolating. Nick was supported by us following his stroke, learning new ways to communicate, and to show his thanks and to raise awareness, he continuously fundraises for us. In 2016 he was awarded 'Fundraiser of the year' at the Life After Stroke Awards.

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