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Important: We're currently experiencing some technical issues with our Facebook Fundraising tools and are unable to accept any donations via Meta Platforms (Facebook and/or Instagram). While we are working on a solution with Meta, please use our JustGiving platform(link is external) to continue with your fundraising.

Set up an online giving page with JustGiving(link is external) or Facebook(link is external) and ask loved ones to donate to your celebration fundraiser. It's simple to set up, easy for friends and family to donate and can be done in just a few steps:

1. Set up your online giving page using JustGiving(link is external) or Facebook(link is external).

2. Let us know you're fundraising by emailing

3. Share the link with friends and family.

4. Raise money and help to rebuild more lives after stroke.

Thank you so much for choosing to support the Stroke Association. Every penny raised on your special day will help us to fund more stroke prevention, research and support.

  • £50 can help pay for research into new stroke treatments, such as thrombolysis, a clot-busting drug that returns the blood supply to the brain that has transformed the outcomes of stroke survivors who have received it.
  • £200 could pay for one hour of Stroke Helpline activity, helping the often-devastated families of stroke survivors support their loved ones after stroke.
  • £500 could provide one-to-one counselling sessions and group support to a stroke survivor, equipping them with the tools to recover from the emotional impact from a stroke.