Need some inspiration for easy, healthy recipes that still taste great? LoSalt, our #HealthierUK partners, have shared some of their best recipes including a Thai Prawn Noodle Soup, Coconut and Banana Bread and Lemon Cod with Oat Crumb and Spinach. 

Working with LoSalt for a #HealthierUK, the aim of our partnership is to provide people with information about the risks they might be taking with their health and how to minimise them, so they can make more informed choices and lead to a healthier nation. 

We’ll be featuring some of the top tips others in the stroke community are sharing, through #HealthierUK on social media. 

Recipe ideas

LoSalt is a simple switch to healthier eating and delivers 66% less sodium than regular table, sea and rock salts, without any compromise on taste. Use LoSalt just as you would regular salts – in cooking, seasoning and baking.  

High blood pressure is one of the biggest risk factors of stroke and is preventable. By reducing your sodium intake, the majority of which we consume as salt, you can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and therefore stroke. 

LoSalt’s recipes are low-sodium options which taste great and are perfect for the whole family to enjoy. To explore more LoSalt recipes, visit the LoSalt website.

It’s important to note that if you take some types of medication that affect potassium levels, LoSalt and other reduced-sodium alternatives may note be suitable for you. This includes people receiving medication for diabetes, heart or kidney disorders. Check with your GP for advice.

Thai prawn noodle soup

Prep: 5 minutes 
Cook: 8 minutes 
Serves 2 

  • 2 very low salt organic vegetable stock cubes 
  • 1 lemongrass stalk, halved and thinly sliced 
  • 1 red chilli, deseeded and thinly sliced 
  • 2 heads pak choi, shredded (300g) 
  • 100g wholewheat noodles 
  • 150g raw king prawns 
  • ½ x 28g pack coriander, leaves only 
  • 1 tsp fish sauce 
  • 1 tsp LoSalt 

Place the stock cubes and 800ml boiling water in a large saucepan and bring to the boil.  Add the lemongrass, chilli, white parts of the pak choi and noodles and simmer gently, covered for 5 minutes.  
Add the green parts of the pak choi, king prawns, coriander, fish sauce and LoSalt, cook for 1-2 minutes until the prawns are pink and cooked through. 
Serve in 2 soup bowls. 
Cooks tip 
Try using egg noodles or folded rice noodles and replace the prawns with roasted shredded chicken. 

Nutritional information 

Typical values Per 100g Per561g serving %RI per serving
Energy 105 kj 742 kj 9%
  25kcal 176kcal 9%
Fat 0.5g 2.1g 3%
of which saturated 0g 0.4g 2%
Carbohydrates  2.8g 20g 8%
of which sugars 0.5g 2.5g 3%
Fibre 0.5g 2.2g 9%
Protein 2.6g 18g 36%
Salt 0.19g 1.4g 23%


Coconut and banana bread

Prep: 15 minutes 
Cook: 35-40 minutes 
Serves 6-8 

  • 140g unsalted butter, softened 
  • 140g dark brown soft sugar 
  • 2 large eggs 
  • 3 small ripe bananas, mashed (280g) 
  • 65g coconut flour 
  • 75g gluten free self-raising flour 
  • ½ tsp gluten free baking powder 
  • ¼ tsp LoSalt 

Preheat the oven to 180oC, gas mark 4.  Grease and line a 900g loaf tin. 
Using an electric hand whisk, beat together the butter and sugar until pale and fluffy, whisk in the eggs 1 at a time, then stir in the mashed bananas. 
Fold in both flours, baking powder and LoSalt and spoon into the prepared tin. 
Bake for 35-40 minutes until a skewer comes out clean.  Cool slightly before removing from the tin. 
Cooks tip 
This is a great way to use up bananas that are perhaps too ripe to eat.  

Nutritional information 

Typical values Per 100g Per703g serving %RI per serving
Energy 105 kj 742 kj 16%
  33kcal 312kcal 16%
Fat 17g 17g 24%
of which saturated 10g 11g 55%
Carbohydrates  32g 33g 13%
of which sugars 23g 24g 27%
Fibre 3.7g 3.8g 15%
Protein 4.2g 4.3g 9%
Salt 0.29g 0.29g 5%


Lemon cod with oat crumb and spinach

Prep: 10 minutes 
Cook: 15-20 minutes 
Serves 2 

  • ½ tbsp olive oil 
  • 3 shallots, finely chopped (100g) 
  • 25g oats 
  • 2 tbsp chopped chives 
  • 1 tsp LoSalt 
  • 1 lemon 
  • 2 cod loins, approx. 200g each 
  • 200g cherry tomatoes 
  • 250g spinach 

Preheat the oven to 200oC, gas mark 6.  Line a baking tray with foil. 
Heat the oil in a small frying pan and fry the shallots for 3-4 minutes until golden, add the oats and cook for 1-2 minutes.  Stir in the chives, LoSalt, lemon zest and juice of ½ lemon, season with black pepper. 
Press the oat mixture on top of the cod loins and place on the prepared tray.  Add the cherry tomatoes. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until the cod is cooked throughout.  

Meanwhile, place the spinach in a large bowl with a splash of water, cover with clingfilm and microwave on high for 2-3 minutes until just wilted.  Divide between 2 plates and top with the cod and tomatoes.  Serve with the remaining lemon cut into wedges. 
Cooks tip 
Sprinkle the oat crumb on sea bass, haddock or salmon instead of cod. 

Nutritional information 

Typical values Per 100g Per561g serving %RI per serving
Energy 293 kj 1645 kj 20%
  70cal 390kcal 20%
Fat 1.2g 7g 10%
of which saturated 0.2g 1.1g 6%
Carbohydrates  3.5g 19g 7%
of which sugars 1.8g 10g 11%
Fibre 1.9g 11g 44%
Protein 9.6g 54g 108%
Salt 0.18g 0.99g 17%