A man and a woman looking at and interacting with a digital tablet device.

Involvement means doing things with people with lived experience of stroke, rather than to or for them.

This means stroke survivors and carers have a voice in conversations that affect them. It includes a range of projects that help to shape services, create products and improve decision-making at the Stroke Association.

Involving people affected by stroke provides a unique and essential perspective. This helps us to make better decisions and understand what is important to you.

We understand everyone has different needs and abilities. We will work with you to find the best ways for you to contribute your ideas.

The therapists have read all the text books but we are the experts of living with the condition.

Colin, stroke survivor

Involvement should be a meaningful experience. It has benefits to us as an organisation as well as to the stroke survivors and carers who get involved.

The benefits to those involved include being able to make a meaningful contribution and influence change. Using your lived experience can be empowering, provide purpose and build confidence while also giving hope to others. It allows you to give something back by using your existing skills, and it's also a great opportunity to develop new ones.

This helps our charity to better meet the needs of people affected by stroke through an improved understanding of the experience of stroke survivors and carers. It allows us to harness the skills and expertise of a wide range of people to ensure that we provide accessible and useful products and services.

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