Join us at a local event

Legacies make up over half of all the donations we receive and are the foundations of our ground-breaking research and specialist support services.

Find out more about the impact of your support by joining us at a local Legacy event. Each event is held at a specially chosen venue where guests can enjoy a light lunch and meet leading stroke researchers, other supporters and members of the Stroke Association team.

Image of Stroke Association Legacy event

Upcoming events

Details of our upcoming events can be found below. If you can’t see a convenient location but would be interested in attending an event in the future, please email to let us know.

Date: Thursday 14 March 2024

Venue: Royal College of Physicians, London

Join us in March to find out more about the power of stroke research.

On the day, you’ll find out more about a game-changing research project that could help us to predict strokes, as well as hearing a stroke survivor’s inspirational story of recovery. There will also be an opportunity to discover the RCP's 500-year-old collection of artifacts and artworks.

Contact our Legacy Officer Eileen Fawcett to reserve your place.

Past events

Take a look at some of the events we've held previously.

Date: 30 March 2022
Venue: Arley Hall, Cheshire
Speaker: Dr Adrian Parry-Jones, University of Manchester

In late March 2022, we hosted an event at Cheshire's beautiful Arley Hall, which recently featured prominently in the hit BBC series, Peaky Blinders.

Dr Adrian Parry-Jones of the University of Manchester shared how he's helping to improve recovery outcomes for survivors of haemorrhagic stroke - which is still one of the most fatal and devastating types of stroke. Guests had the chance to hear a stroke survivor's story of inspirational recovery, and enjoyed access to Arley's splendid gardens alongside a free guided tour of the house.

Photo of Arley Hall

Date: 27 April 2022
Venue: The Sage, Gateshead
Speaker: Professor Chris Price, University of Newcastle

In late April 2022, we hosted an event at The Sage in Gateshead, Tyneside's iconic concert venue.

Professor Chris Price of the University of Newcastle shared the latest news from his Stroke Association-funded project, into how a finger-prick blood test could be used to diagnose all types of stroke more accurately. This blood test could save precious time for those having a stroke, and improve outcomes for many stroke survivors. Giests also had the chance to hear a stroke survivor's story of inspirational recovery, and enjoyed a guided tour of The Sage.

Photo of the Sage