Our vision is for there to be fewer strokes, and for everyone affected by stroke to get the help they need to live the best lives they can.

Since our formation in 1992, the positive impact of gifts left in Wills has been enormous. They've helped fund some major research and surgical breakthroughs, while playing a vital role in the recovery of hundreds of thousands of stroke survivors.

Legacies make up over a third of our funding each year. By leaving a gift in your Will, you’ll become part of a special community of individuals committed to helping rebuild the lives of stroke survivors for generations to come. 

Read on to find out more about just some of the vital work we're doing.

Stroke research

We've invested over £60 million in stroke research since 1992. Our funding allows researchers to find new ways to stop stroke happening, and treat and support people to rebuild their lives after stroke.

With your gift, we can fund research that is discovering radical new treatments and support so more people can survive stroke, and the millions of people affected by stroke in the UK can rebuild their lives.

Dr Rubina Ahmed, Stroke Association Research Director

Your gift could help fund the next major breakthrough.

In the video below, Dr Terry Quinn talks about the life-changing impact of research with stroke survivor, Ruth, who had two strokes when she was just 30. 

Support for stroke survivors and their families

We provide a range of services to support people to rebuild their lives after stroke. Our Stroke Helpline supports thousands of people each year with practical advice, emotional support and signposting to local stroke services By 2025, we’re aiming to reach everybody who has recently had a stroke with an offer of support.

A gift in your Will could help dramatically increase the types of support available to stroke survivors - helping make sure every stroke survivor has the personal support network they need to recover.

Dawn Farrell, Stroke Association Support Coordinator

Your gift will help us be there for stroke survivors, providing vital support when its needed the most. 

Long-term change

We're working hard to keep stroke on the Governments agenda. By listening to and working with people affected by stroke, we can drive improvements in stroke care and treatment. 

Our Saving Brains campaign highlights the importance of thrombectomy as a game changing treatment for stroke. One that the majority of people who have a stroke miss out on, due to where they live or when they have their stroke. 

You could help us work even harder to make sure stroke is taken seriously - by governments the public, so nobody has to go through what so many stroke survivors face today.

Alexis Kolodziej, Stroke Association Executive Director, Locality Impact

Your gift could help us make stroke the priority it needs to be and improve the availability of care and treatment stroke survivors receive.

Making your promise

By leaving a gift in your Will, you’ll be making a promise to protect future generations from the devastation of stroke. 

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In the video below, you can hear Miriam Margolyes talk about her own stroke story and how gifts in Wills can help us reach even more stroke survivors.