Sylvia made a promise - that future generations would live in a world where stroke survivors get better support and where we’re less likely to lose the people we love to stroke. 

Friends remembered Sylvia’s kind heart and her wish to help others. In the course of her career as a medical secretary she discovered the devastating impact of stroke on people and their families. 

Seeing that stroke research and treatment were vastly under-funded, Sylvia wanted to change the story for future generations by remembering the Stroke Association in her Will. 

Today, Sylvia’s gift has helped to rebuild lives for people affected by stroke. She’s supported research to prevent and treat stroke, and she’s helped care for survivors. 

Make your promise - leave a legacy for future generations

Gifts like Sylvia’s have helped us come a long way. But stroke is still shattering lives. Every five minutes someone will have a stroke, and for many stroke is fatal. For far too many the road to recovery is long and desperately lonely.

By leaving a legacy to the Stroke Association you’re making a promise to the next generation. You’re helping to create a future where more people survive stroke and every stroke survivor has the support they need to rebuild their life.

You can take the first step today by finding out how a gift in your Will could change the story for future generations.