Leaving a gift in your Will is a very special way to show your support for a stroke-free future. It's a big decision, but including a gift in your Will is surprisingly simple. 

We would always recommend that your solicitor is the best person to help you write your Will. A simple Will can cost anything from £100-£300.

We also offer a Free Will Scheme for people aged 60 and over and stroke survivors of any age.

There are three main types of legacy gift

  1. Residuarythis could be a share, or the whole of, your estate after all other gifts, payments and debts have been made - such as 25%. A residuary gift will hold its value and not be affected by inflation. 
  2. Pecuniarythis is a specific sum of money, such as £5,000.
  3. Specifica gift of your choice, like a house, or shares.

Our registered address and charity number

Getting these two things correct is vital, and will make things as straightforward as possible for your loved ones in the future. 

Our registered office is: Stroke Association House, 240 City Road, London, EC1V 2PR. 

Our charity number is: 211015.