Take a look at the many ways your company can work with us.

Charity of the Year

Your company can work alongside us towards common goals as a Charity of the Year partner. This kind of partnership will offer your company many key benefits including:

  • Staff engagement and team morale.
  • A clear commitment to your employees, customers and clients of your dedication to help rebuild lives after stroke.
  • Working alongside a professional, approachable and creative account management team.
  • Access to our award-winning in-house marketing, media and PR teams.
  • Help to improve the health and wellbeing of your staff and customers.


You can make a positive impact by taking part in one of our sponsorship programmes. Our portfolio of events and materials provide the perfect sponsorship opportunities for brand exposure. These include:

Sponsoring our events and publications will give you:

  • Positive exposure to key audiences.
  • Options exist for mass or targeted sponsorship, tailored to your business objectives.
  • PR and media opportunities, supported by our media and marketing teams.

Cause related marketing

Collaborating with us on a cause-related marketing campaign via your products or services is a very simple and efficient way to raise much-needed money to help rebuild lives after stroke. It also holds many benefits for your business.

Cause-related marketing has a proven effect on consumer perceptions of brands. This sort of tie-in would be a great way to highlight an association with us while also enabling customers to feel that they're contributing to the charity through buying your products.

Strategic partnerships

We want to work in partnerships with companies which are mutually beneficial, and this is where our strategic way of working with businesses is very exciting. These long term, multi-stranded relationships ensure that as organisations, we're working towards a shared vision where the gains are obvious for all.

When partnering with us in this way, we can promise you:

  • A professional, approachable and creative account management team.
  • Close collaboration to create joint goals and key performance indicators.
  • Clear engagement with staff and customers through a cause that makes sense and connects with them.
  • Ability to benefit from various different initiatives, from sponsorship to challenge events, to cause-related marketing.
  • Access to our in-house marketing, media and PR teams.

Corporate donations

We know that not all businesses are able to donate money, but there are lots of other ways to donate through ‘gifts in kind’.

We're always on the lookout for companies who are able to provide us with products or services that our wide-ranging events and services might benefit from, such as bottles of water for the Escape the City Bike Ride or a raffle prize for one of our events. 

These donations help us to continue our work to rebuild lives after stroke but also serve as useful product and brand exposure for you and your business.

Get in touch

To find out more, please call 0207 5660330 and ask for the Corporate Partnerships team or email corporatepartnerships@stroke.org.uk