We were selected as Royal Mail’s Charity of the Year in 2014 and we worked in partnership with the company for over two years. In March 2017 we were able to announce that £2million had been raised to help stroke survivors.

Every penny raised through the partnership is funding our Life After Stroke Activity and Recovery Grants supporting up to 10,000 families as they build a life after stroke.

Both Royal Mail and the Stroke Association play an important role at the heart of UK communities. Juliet Bouverie, said: “On behalf of the thousands of stroke survivors around the UK, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone at Royal Mail. They have made a phenomenal contribution to improve the lives of stroke survivors today and for years to come. It is through partnerships like this that we can continue to be there for people whose lives have been devastated by stroke. Together, we can and will conquer stroke.”

Supporting life after stroke

Life After Stroke grants support stroke survivors and their families to overcome some of the most difficult challenges in their lives. They provide long term benefit to aid recovery, but their real impact is the way in which they provide practical support, sustain stroke survivors emotionally, build confidence, and provide a route back into their community.

All of the money raised through our partnership with Royal Mail will fund:

  • Recovery grants - these fund a range of vital home and equipment modifications such as handrails, specialist kitchen appliances or adapted wheelchairs.
  • Activity grants - these support stroke survivors to make their way back into their local communities by funding a range of activities linked to their recovery plan.

Find out more about Life After Stroke grants and how to apply.

Jabeen's story

Jabeen Mitha, a 56-year-old stroke survivor, from Newport in South Wales, woke up early one morning last year while having a transient ischemic attack (TIA), also known as a mini-stroke.

Jabeen’s doctor sent her straight to a stroke specialist unit where her mini-stroke was diagnosed. She was allowed home soon after, but still experiences difficulty with her mobility, making it difficult for her to move around at home.

After visiting a Stroke Association community stall, she found out about services in her area that could help and after meeting her local co-ordinator, was told about Life after Stroke grants.

As a result, we were able to provide Jabeen with a rise and recline chair to help her move between sitting and standing on her own, giving her more independence.

Jabeen said: “Getting a chair seems such a small thing but it has changed my life. I’m now so much more comfortable and I’m even able to have dinner at the table with my family, which is fantastic. I’d like to thank all of the fundraisers at Royal Mail for their support of the Stroke Association and people just like me."