This Stroke Awareness Month, May 2022, we launched our 'Stroke Research Means Everything' campaign to raise awareness of the chronic lack of funding available for stroke research.

Research into stroke is one of the most underfunded areas of health research in the UK. Far less is spent ‘per survivor’ on research into stroke than on research into any other health condition.

Why stroke research means everything

Stroke is a leading cause of adult disability in the UK. Two-thirds of people who survive a stroke find themselves living with a disability.

More research will help survivors make their fullest possible recovery, which means everything to them and their families as they rebuild their lives.

Did you know we’re the only organisation dedicated to funding research into stroke rehabilitation? Find out more about the stroke research we fund.

Grace's story

Photo of Grace at home, looking at the camera.

Now 29 and with a young family, Grace was just 17 years old when her stroke hit while she was driving to the gym.

“After falling into a coma, I had to have a life-saving operation called a craniotomy. When I woke up, I couldn’t move anything on the right side of my body. After a month, I started my rehabilitation. I learned to walk and talk properly again. Feed myself and read. I still suffer from side effects of stroke, but I want to show that there is life after stroke – it’s not the end.”

Grace is passionate about raising awareness of the causes of stroke and the impact that more research could have on families like hers.

"The research being funded by the Stroke Association is amazing for me and my family. It gives you hope that if the worst was to happen there would be more treatments and even better, recovery is possible."

What has happened to Make May Purple?

In previous years, we’ve marked Stroke Awareness Month with our Make May Purple campaign. Since May 2021, we've focused on raising awareness of issues related to stroke research and recovery.