From March 2021 onwards, we’ve made a decision to stop running Know Your Blood Pressure and blood pressure testing events.  

Our Know Your Blood Pressure events focused on blood pressure testing in the community. Since March 2020, we paused this activity due to the coronavirus pandemic.  

Many factors, not just high blood pressure, can increase your risk of stroke - like diet, exercise, diabetes and high cholesterol. We want to empower people to understand and take control of their overall stroke risk. And we must reach more people - particularly those most at risk of stroke. Therefore, we have made the decision to stop running Know Your Blood Pressure and blood pressure testing events.  

If you are a volunteer and deliver blood pressure testing events, your volunteer manager will be in touch with you about this change. For further information please contact

If you are a Rotarian or Rotary Club who delivers Stroke Association blood pressure testing events, you'll receive news about this change in your March Humanitarian newsletter. For further information, you can speak to your Rotary Great Britain and Ireland Stroke Prevention and Health Fairs Lead or use our contact details below.  

For further information about this decision, please contact the prevention team on

Thank you to everyone who's given their time to deliver or support Know Your Blood Pressure events over the years. We look forward to updating you on how we can continue to work together as we develop our stroke prevention work, including our Stroke Prevention Day activity.  

Stroke Prevention Day

Stroke Prevention Day took place on Thursday 14 January 2021. Our aim was to help people understand their risk of stroke, and help reduce their risk, by pledging to make one small change over three months.  Find out more about Stroke Prevention Day.