Exercise Supporter

We're looking for a volunteer Exercise Supporter to support our Moving Forward after Stroke Programme.

The Moving Forward after Stoke programme provides exercise and education sessions to stroke survivors to:

  • Reduce their risk of secondary stroke.
  • Improve their levels of physical fitness.
  • Reduce social isolation.
  • Make healthy lifestyle changes. 

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Stroke Ward Referral Officer

As a Stroke Ward Referral Officer, you'll be talking to stroke survivors, their families and carers about support that is available and making a referral to Support Services.

You will work with hospital staff to:

  • Gather information about new stroke survivors who have been admitted to the stroke ward.
  • Transfer information about new patients from hospital records to Stroke Association referral forms.
  • Meet regularly with the Family and Carer Support Service Coordinator to discuss the referrals being made.

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Telephone Support Volunteer

You'll make regular telephone calls to stroke survivors and carers who are being supported by the Gateshead Family and Carer Support Service. The aim of these calls will be to check on the stroke survivor's progress, identify any additional needs, and signpost to other resources and offer reassurance.

You’ll accurately record, in writing, the details of any calls and highlight and report any issues or additional needs. You will input details of these calls and any other necessary information into a central database that holds the details of all our services. 

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Caring and You Supporter

To deal with the often devastating effects of stroke, carers need advice and support.  In this role, you will be assisting the Caring and You co-ordinator to educate and support carers of stroke survivors, covering different topics over multiple sessions.

Tasks for this role can include:

  • Attending on a regular basis to build a level of trust with the attending carers.
  • Setting up and shutting down the room before and after the session.
  • Talking and listening to carers who may be distressed.
  • Supporting group activities within the sessions and facilitating activities.
  • Preparing refreshments for the group.
  • Working with Stroke Association staff to support delivery of the education programme. 

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Active Lives After Stroke Volunteer

Active Lives After Stroke is a project that supports stroke survivors to become more active, improve wellbeing and reduce isolation through peer support.  We are looking for people who are passionate about keeping active after a stroke to motivate stroke survivors to get physically active through taking part in the sessions, and encourage them to overcome barriers and help them build confidence to achieve goals.

Tasks for this role can include:

  • Welcoming and registering group members at the sessions.
  • Providing encouragement and working with the activity leader to support members with activities.
  • Keeping in touch with members between sessions to help motivate and encourage.

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Pre-Referral Supporter

We want to make sure that as many as people as possible are able to access the support that our organisation can offer. As a Pre-Referral Supporter, you will be talking to stroke survivors, their families and carers about the support available and gaining consent for the hospital to refer to the relevant Stroke Association service.

Tasks for this role include:

  • Promoting the Stroke Recovery Service and My Stroke Guide on ward to patients, family members, carers and staff.
  • Liaising with hospital staff to inform who has given consent to be referred to the Stroke Recovery Service.
  • Completing consent forms with individuals. 

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Life After Stroke Centre Activities Volunteer

Our Life After Stroke Centre (LASC) plays an important role in ensuring that stroke survivors do not become socially isolated. As a LASC volunteer, you will be part of the activities team, supporting stroke survivors to take part in activities, aiding long-term recovery and building confidence and self-esteem.

Tasks include:

  • Supporting centre users to access activities by providing information.
  • Helping centre users to take part in activities, including leading, assisting with, and being actively involved in activities.
  • Supporting staff to set up and clear away activity rooms.
  • Greeting centre users and creating a welcoming atmosphere for anyone new to the group.
  • Preparing and providing refreshments.
  • Light administrative duties.

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Part Time Fundraising Administrator

We’re looking for a Part Time Fundraising Administrator to support the Regional Fundraising Team in our London Regional Office. They will be responsible for:

  • Phone calls.
  • Collecting tins in the community.
  • Dealing with the post.
  • Social media duties.
  • Research and admin to support the team.

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