We aim to provide you with all the information you need to help you think about working after a stroke. Going back to work can be a big change, and planning ahead can help you through the process. We have tips on planning for your return and getting the support you need at work. There's also information on changing career, retirement, and volunteering.  

We look at your rights at work if you have an illness or disability. We also explain the types of financial and practical support available.

Work and coronavirus (Covid-19)

If you're a stroke survivor, you need to take extra care to avoid catching Covid-19. Speak to your employer to find out how they can support you to stay safe in the workplace. There’s guidance for safe workplaces on the GOV.UK website.

Who's this information for?

  • Anyone who has had a stroke and is thinking about returning to work.
  • Anyone who has a disability or health problem after a stroke, and needs tips on managing at work.
  • Anyone changing jobs or careers after a stroke.
I wish I had had this guide straight after my stroke. My employer wasn’t all that supportive and I felt so alone. Having a guide like this would have made me feel like I had options and given me the confidence to ask for support.
Liza-Jane, stroke survivor