The Life After Stroke Centre is here to provide a place for people affected by stroke. We offer person-centred and long-term peer-to-peer support through a wide range of learning and activity programmes that have been specially designed to help rebuild lives after stroke. 

Our programmes cover practical, emotional and physical needs. Activities range from supportive and informative sessions, exercise-based sessions, to dexterity focused craft sessions and more.

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What we offer

The centre offers a calm, nurturing environment that promotes independence and enablement, assisting those affected by stroke on their recovery journey for as long as they want support.

You’ll find:

  • 1-2-1 spaces for private conversations.
  • Social spaces for your friends or group to meet.
  •  Activity programmes led by volunteers or external professionals.
  • Community garden.

We also have a resource centre with leaflets, factsheets, books and other resources for the stroke community.

Our aim is to allow those with various long-term effects of stroke to recognise their capabilities, find new ways of doing things and increase confidence. The centre is all about community, and we encourage everyone to try new things, meet new people and most importantly, have fun. 

The sessions are held in a safe environment and take place at the centre or in the wider community. We also offer a programme of online activities using Zoom.

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All our programmes have been designed to enable the best possible recovery following stroke. Some sessions incur a small fee.

We believe in always having something to look forward to and hope to see you join us for one of our activities soon.

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If you’d like to find out more and register for one of our activities, please call or email the activities team:

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The Life After Stroke Centre is run by the Stroke Association. Activities are led by Stroke Association volunteers or external professionals.

If you or someone you know has been affected by stroke and requires further information and support, please contact our Helpline by email at or by phone on 0303 3033 100, or visit our Stroke Helpline page.