Stroke Stories is a podcast dedicated to giving a voice to stroke survivors, as well as their friends and family. Created by stroke survivor and Life After Stroke Awards judge Mark Goodier, each episode features interviews with a different stroke survivor. 

Mark Goodier (right) with Nick and Jo Cann

Listen to each person describe the ups and downs they have faced on their road to recovery, as well as incredible stories of support, bravery and resilience.

The podcast features stories from people of all ages and abilities, including:

Nick and Jo Cann

Nick had a stroke when he was 50. After the stroke he found that there was a lack of support in his area for him and other stroke survivors. Despite suffering from aphasia, Nick speaks at events across the UK to raise awareness of stroke, and has also set up a support cafe meet-up.

Listen to Nick and Jo's story here

Sarah and Joanie Scott

At age 18, Sarah had a stroke during one of her English classes at school. Her mother Joanie also had a stroke a few years later. In this episode, Sarah and Joanie explain how they supported one another throughout this difficult time in their lives.

Listen to Sarah and Joanie's story here

Connor and Sarah Lynnes

As a result of an injury he had whilst playing rugby, Connor had a massive stroke at just 14 years old. Connor has now set up his own foundation, to help other young survivors of stroke and brain injuries.

Listen to Connor and mum Sara's story here

Glen Malcolm

Glen had a stroke at age 47, which impacted on his ability to talk and move. Despite these challenges, he has now run two marathons as well as other races on his journey of recovery.

Listen to Glen's story here

New episodes are released regularly, and you can subscribe and catch up on all previous episodes.

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