Stroke can change your life in an instant. Whether it's happened to you or someone close to you, My Stroke Guide is here to help support recovery. It connects you to our online community to find out how others manage their recovery, and gives you access to trusted advice, information and support 24/7.

Join thousands of stroke survivors and carers.

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What will I find on My Stroke Guide?

My Stroke Guide can help support recovery no matter where you live. It includes:

  • Easy-to-read information about stroke and its effects.
  • An online forum to share experiences and ask questions.
  • A library of over 200 videos, offering advice about stroke and recovery.
  • A goal-setting feature to track recovery progress.

How has My Stroke Guide helped?

95% of users would recommend My Stroke Guide to others affected by stroke*. Hear from the stroke survivors, carers and healthcare professionals who have used My Stroke Guide, and how it's benefited them and their loved ones:


“My Stroke Guide made me realise there’s life beyond stroke.” – Claire, stroke survivor.
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“I always wanted to get back to driving again. My Stroke Guide helped me do just that.” – Bill, stroke survivor.
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"My Stroke Guide helped me to improve my reading, writing and confidence." – Heidi, stroke survivor.
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Rick and Marcia

“I can see how much My Stroke Guide aids Rick’s recovery.” – Marcia, carer. 
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“I use My Stroke Guide to demonstrate there is life after stroke.” - Camille, a healthcare professional.
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“Since Krishna started using My Stroke Guide, I’ve seen real improvements in her recovery.” – Harvinder, stroke support professional
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* 8-week survey post-registration. 156 users took part in this survey.


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