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Wednesday, 30 November, 2016

The Stroke Association helps thousands of stroke survivors and their families every year. One of the ways we can help is through our Life After Stroke Grants. Life After Stroke Grants provide a one-off payment of up to £300 to fund vital home or personal equipment, or by funding support to help you become more active in your community. As the festive season is now upon us, we take a look back at all the amazing things we've been able to fund, with a little Christmas spin to it.

On the first day of Christmas

A Christmas trip to Glasgow for a stroke survivor to see his twin sister for the first time in seven years.

On the second day

Two grants to support training to help stroke survivors return to work.

On the third day

£3,000 spent on food preparation equipment because a weakness to one side of your body can make opening a tin impossible.

On the fourth day

Four bus passes helped stroke survivors get their independence back. 

On the fifth day

Five armchairs (plus 24 rise and recline chairs) to help stroke survivors relax in comfort.

On the sixth day

Six lots of funding for art materials to aid rehabilitation and recovery.

On the seventh day

Over £7,000 has provided mobility scooters, wheelchairs and accessories. 72% of stroke survivors have lower limb/leg weakness. 

On the eighth

Over £8,500 in grants for gym memberships and exercise equipment in the home to reduce a survivor's chance of developing a second stroke. 

On the ninth day

Nine new phones; some with bigger buttons and others that are easier to use so stroke survivors can keep in touch with loved ones.

On the tenth day

Ten grants to help with removal costs when stroke survivors need to move due to their home no longer being suitable following a stroke.

On the eleventh day

Eleven grants were awarded to help buy cordless vacuums as the loss of strength and coordination following a stroke can make the simple task of hoovering a real challenge.

On the twelfth day

Over £12,000 went towards buying tablet computers and software to give those who have aphasia a voice after stroke. 

Find out more about our Life After Stroke grants and how to apply.

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