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Monday, 8 May, 2017

Published: Monday 8 May 2017

Today, the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) launched a new spotlight report highlighting the positive difference medical research charities are making for mental health patients across the UK.

Each year, one in four people in the UK experience a mental health condition. This costs the UK economy £70-100 billion and has a huge impact on individuals, their families and society more widely.

To find out more and read the spotlight report visit the AMRC website.

Our funded research

We're a member of the AMRC and fund research into mental health problems that those affected by stroke can experience (including anxiety and depression).

Funding research into the psychological consequences of stroke is one of the priorities of our current research strategy. We've already funded three major awards as part of this priority programme, awarded to outstanding researchers in their field.

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