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Friday, 20 November, 2015

We're supporting Carers Rights Day

Carers are often a lifeline for stroke survivors. Over a third of stroke survivors in the UK are dependent on others and one in five are cared for by family and/or friends.

The Stroke Association is supporting Carers Rights Day because without the vital contribution that carers make, many stroke survivors simply would not be able to live a full life after stroke.

A stroke can happen in an instant so many people find themselves in a caring role almost over-night. More stroke survivors are being discharged from hospital earlier than before, so the rapid adjustment for them and their families to living with the effects of stroke can be overwhelming.

Make sure you know your rights as a carer and where you can access support.

Find support

You can call the Stroke Information Service on 0303 30 33 100 for advice and also follow the links below for more information

We support carers through many of our services:

  • offering emotional support and providing a listening ear
  • giving information on what happens when someone has a stroke
  • providing practical advice on how to navigate health and social care processes - whether that means supporting a stroke survivor to recover at home or finding the best place for them to get the right support and rehabilitation
  • providing volunteering and communication support groups that offer support to both stroke survivors and carers.
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