We’re very pleased to announce our 2019 Christmas Card design competition winners.

Jackie Baldwin’s beautiful winter scene landscape is our overall winner.

On the day of her stroke, Jackie got up and suddenly felt like her head had exploded. "I remember screaming in agony. It was like a firework going off in my brain," she says.

Jackie was left with weakness on her left side and pain, balance problems & third nerve palsy of the left eye. Her eye has since recovered and although she now walks with a stick for balance, physically she has recovered really well. She does have difficulty with writing, spelling and short-term memory.

Jackie attends Sheffield Touch of Colour, a Stroke Association Voluntary Group. "The art group has been my saviour," she says. "I don't know where I’d be without it."

When Jackie paints, she immerses herself in the picture, thinking where would she be in the painting and what would she be doing. The dog in her painting is her own dog Frankie, who has been a lifeline and a constant companion throughout her recovery. 

Look out for our full feature on Jackie in the summer edition of Stroke News.

Runners up

Our talented runners up will have their amazing designs made into eCards. These will be used by the Stroke Association in communications to our supporters over the festive season.

Haydn Canter had a stroke in July 2014. “My stroke affected my entire left-hand side, forcing me to use my non-dominant right hand,” he says.

Since his stroke, Haydn has become a Stroke Awareness Ambassador, working with the team at our Cardiff office.

Richard Sturdy had a stroke back in 2007. He completely lost use of the dominant right side of his body and also his speech. He was in hospital for 6 months and rehabilitation for 3 years. Since then he has gradually recovered, although movement and tiredness are definitely still an issue.

Richard has created a tool called RoundPixels and designed his card using this. “It enables anyone to build colourful pictures with as little as one finger. Perfect for creative people with reduced mobility,” he says.

RoundPixels is still in development but some great designs have been created already. Visit roundpixels.com/gallery to see them. 

2020 competition

Our 2020 competition will open later this year. Please check back for details.

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