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Christmas Card 2020 competition winner

We’re delighted to announce our 2020 Christmas card design competition winner!

Fun in the snow Christmas card- Winter scene with children building snowman

Congratulations to Mark James, for winning our 2020 Christmas Card Competition with his beautiful painting, ‘Fun in the snow’.

Mark and his wife were picking up dinner from the local fish and chip shop when he had a stroke and collapsed in the car. “For the first week after my stroke, I wasn’t sure what had happened to me,” remembers Mark. “I knew the right side of my body wasn’t working and I couldn’t talk or say anything at all.

“I love to draw and paint. Before my stroke, I used to do big paintings and sell them at art fairs. After my stroke, it took a while for me to get back into it because I couldn’t feel one side of my body. I got a Life After Stroke Grant from the Stroke Association for a new easel to help with my balance so I could continue with my art while I recovered. It’s great.”

Mark has also used painting to help him communicate and express himself. He often shares his paintings with his fellow group members at the Stroke Association’s South Tees Communication Support Service, and with their support, has made great progress with his recovery. “The group has been fantastic and has changed me so much,” says Mark. “I can now speak to people at the craft fairs I attend, which would never have happened before.”

Mark’s painting is of his grandchildren having lots of fun building snowmen by the River Leven in Great Ayton. He hopes it helps to raise funds for other stroke survivors and their loved ones.

You can buy Marks design now plus our other festive designs by visiting our Christmas card shop(link is external).

If you, or a stroke survivor you know, has a passion for painting, sketching, drawing or any other form of art, we would love to hear from you.

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