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2021 competition winner - Homeward Bound by Haydn Canter

We’re delighted to announce our 2021 Christmas card design competition winner!

Haydn Canter with his artwork

Congratulations to Haydn Canter, our 2021 Christmas Card Competition winner! Haydn’s beautiful design ‘Homeward Bound’ is available to buy as part of our 2021 Christmas card range.

Haydn, now 66 years old, suffered a stroke 7 years ago which left him with severe problems with the left side of his body. Whilst working from home on a sunny afternoon, he suddenly experienced a pop inside his head followed by a bubbling sensation and was left paralysed down his left side.

‘’ This was the start of a massive life-changing situation. Everything changed in an instant’’. After 3 months in the hospital, Haydn was able to come home to continue his goal which was to become himself again.

After his stroke, Haydn joined a local stroke group and was challenged by the leader of the group to try painting with his right hand. “I used to paint with my left hand and I didn’t think I would ever paint again.” said Haydn.

“Art, as anything creative, can give you an excellent boost which is exactly what it has given me. I was lucky as l knew most techniques, but getting my right hand do as it was told wasn't easy.”

Hayden now works with the local stroke group members and encourages them to try painting themselves.  He also works with the patients at Llandough hospital, stroke rehabilitation centre, challenging them to paint after their stroke as part of their recovery.

My painting was inspired by a local beauty spot in a park where we used to go to enjoy a snack with our dog. The rest comes from my love of winter.

Haydn Canter.
Painting of a horse-drawn sleigh under a viaduct

You can buy Haydn’s design from 9 August when our shop opens – visit our Christmas shop.

Our 2022 competition is now open

If you, or a stroke survivor you know, has a passion for painting, sketching, drawing or any other form of art, we would love to hear from you.

Find out how you can enter for Christmas 2022.