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Tuesday, 23 February, 2016

Retailers in North Wales are being invited to support stroke survivors in their areas with the introduction of new information points.

The Stroke Association have designed stickers for shop owners to display in their windows that indicate they are working with the charity to signpost anyone looking for support.

The initiative was launched on 12 February at Will’s of Caerwys in Flintshire. Will Hebson, the owner of the store, was eager to sign up when he first heard the idea. 

He explained, "Being in the centre of the community in Caerwys we hear of so many people being touched by stroke. We had our first partnership with the local Stroke Association office last year during May, for their stroke awareness month, Make May Purple. They offered to hold a Know Your Blood Pressure event in the store and it went so well we were more than happy to get involved with any projects the Association had coming up in the future."

Will’s is the first store in the UK to sign up to the idea but is soon to be joined by several other stores in the area that have shown interest. All retailers who sign up to the scheme will receive a sticker to display in their window, a variety of leaflets about stroke and information about how to contact the Stroke Association. If the shops are interested they will also be able to host Know Your Blood Pressure (KYBP) events for their customers.

KYBP events held by the Association see trained members of staff go out into the community to raise awareness of the importance of knowing and understanding your blood pressure.

Over 50% of all strokes are caused by uncontrolled high blood pressure. Everyone tested receives information about what blood pressure means for your health and your risk of stroke and advice as to whether they need to follow up with their GP.

David Hanson MP showed his support for the project on the day.

Mr Hanson said, “This is a fantastic innovative idea that has been brought forward by residents in Flintshire. They have worked hard to bring this scheme into being. It will be a convenient way for people to get the information they want about stroke.

“It is the hard work done by communities and charities, like the Stroke Association, that really push forward new ideas that help everyone. Not only is this good for raising awareness of stroke, but working with local businesses will help grow our ethical local economy.”

Whether you’re a stroke survivor or a family member, friend or carer, or even someone who would like to know more about stroke and the support available, you will be able to approach the retailers that sign up to the initiative and they will be the first point of contact for anyone looking for support from the stroke community in their area.

For more information about the new information points, call 01745 508524. 

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