Jeremy Paxman

Strokes can be cruel things. But many can - and should - be prevented. That’s why I’m supporting the Stroke Association’s Change the Story campaign.


The Stroke Association excels at telling and sharing stories - stories of stroke survivors, desperately trying to overcome the devastating impact of this cruel condition. The Stroke Association wants to change the story for stroke survivors, by making sure they get the medical care, rehabilitation and support they need. But the charity can't do it alone. They desperately need funds to continue to change the life-saving research to help people make their best recovery. So join me and help the Stroke Association change the story for stroke.

Michael Lynagh

Nothing can prepare you for the shock and impact of having a stroke. It changes your life in an instant. I know having survived a stroke. It’s a little known fact, but many strokes can be prevented. To do this we urgently need more research and that’s why I’m supporting the Stroke Association’s Change the story campaign. Join us and let’s raise funds for this vital work.
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