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I started to volunteer with our charity as I was looking to get involved in something new, something where I could use my skills and experience. Having retired from full-time employment, I contacted volunteering Glasgow who pointed me in the direction of the Stroke Association.

The role I play within the Speakability group is a new one for me, and I am finding my feet helping to develop the role and support the group as required.

The first few meetings I’ve had have been mainly dealing with the business of the group, so ensuring that we comply with the aims of our charity, and I’m pleased to say we have come up with a plan.

Our group is quite busy – at one meeting we will deal with Stroke Association business, at our next meeting we will have a speaker, and the following month we’ll have an internist with the group. Last month, we had a tour of the city Chambers in Glasgow, which I hope the group enjoyed.

As part of my role, it’s my duty to ensure that any place we visit is accessible to all members of the group. I carry out a risk assessment, with a particular focus on access to the venue, and I make sure any issues are taken care of.

At the city Chambers, I managed to organise a separate tour for our group and have to thank the staff of the city council for their support and assistance.

Volunteering with the group has raised my awareness of a wider range of disability issues, and I would like to get more involved in campaigning for disability issues.

I find being involved in the group rewarding and I look forward to continuing my volunteer role.