Meet our new research fellows for 2016

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Thursday, 3 November, 2016

As part of our research programme, we fund exceptional candidates from stroke professional backgrounds to our prestigious Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Fellowship positions.

Our Postgraduate Fellowships allow awardees to obtain a postgraduate research qualification (MPhil or PhD), giving them the required skills to ultimately undertake an independent career in stroke research.

Our Postdoctoral Fellowships are intended to enable early career researchers, who already have a PhD and research experience, to embark on an independent career in academic stroke research.

Meet our fellows for 2016:

Dr Melanie Turner (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Institution: University of Aberdeen

"Stroke can have a devastating impact on a person’s life and family. This could be made worse if they have other illnesses at the time of stroke. There is a lack of research investigating this but it is an important area that needs to be explored. My  study will improve our understanding of how a person’s health, other illnesses and medicines affect the treatment and outcome of stroke, including their risk of having another stroke, and help support improvements in stroke care for patients.

"This fellowship will allow me to progress my career to the next level, becoming an independent researcher and ultimately a future leader in stroke research. I hope my research will help improve delivery of care and quality of life for people with stroke."

Find out more about Dr Turner's research.

Dr Sarah Northcott (Postdoctoral Fellow - Stroke Association Jack and Averil [Mansfield] Bradley Fellowship Award​)

Institution:  City University, London

"People who have aphasia (language difficulties) following a stroke are at higher risk of becoming isolated and depressed than others, so there is a pressing need to explore effective psychological interventions. I was therefore really excited to receive the Stroke Association Jack and Averil (Mansfield) Bradley Fellowship in order to conduct research exploring a particular psychological ‘talking therapy’, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, for people with aphasia (SoFIA Trial). This therapy approach explores a person’s strengths and resources in order to make small, meaningful changes in their everyday life."

Find out more about Dr Northcott's research.

Ms Rosanna Laverick (Postgraduate Fellow)

Institution:  University of Birmingham

"No two strokes are alike - the damage from each stroke leaves its own unique signature on a person's brain and behaviour. My research project will investigate how different types of stroke affect a person's long term recovery or deterioration."

To find out more about Ms Laverick's research.

Ms Louise Hawkins (Postgraduate Fellow)

Institution: University of Nottingham

“I am very excited to be starting my Stroke Association Postgraduate Fellowship. Ultimately I want to develop a career in stroke rehabilitation research to improve outcomes for stroke survivors. The fellowship provides me with an opportunity to study full-time for a PhD, which is the next step to achieving my goaI, and I am already benefiting from the development and networking opportunities that the Stroke Association provide for their fellows.”

Find out more about Ms Hawkins' research.

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