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Monday, 13 July, 2015

The criteria was to demonstrate innovative and effective use of the web within the 2014-15 period, taking into account of Web 2.0 technologies, accessibility issues, usability, and how well the website furthers the organisation's goals.

My Stroke Guide can be accessed online from any device. It is a personalised platform made up of a series of modules which meet the unmet needs reported by stroke survivors, their carers and family members. 

My Stroke Guide is for carers and family members as well as stroke survivors. Individual accounts can be connected, so that a carer, or one of our volunteers or coordinators, can monitor the progress of a survivor in their goals and see if they have upcoming appointments they need to get to.

“There is a lack of information readily available after stroke, you have to really hunt for it. My Stroke Guide helps you to help yourself.”
Colin, stroke survivor
"My mum logged into the website today for the first time today, I think she has been a bit apprehensive. In short, she loved having access to this useful library of information, it actually made her cry. It's been a real struggle to find access to anything like this."
Marwan, carer

We will be attending the Charity Times Awards ceremony on the 7 October where we will find out if My Stroke Guide has won.

Visit the My Stroke Guide page for more information or email

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