New study: what self management after stroke means to stroke survivors and physiotherapists

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Saturday, 11 March, 2017

Published: Saturday 11 March 2017

Published in the journal, BMJ Open, a new study explores what self-management after stroke means to stroke survivors and physiotherapists.

Dr Euan Sadler, Stroke Association Postdoctoral Fellow, led the research and said:

"This UK study looks, for the first time, at both stroke survivors’ and physiotherapists’ views of self-management after stroke. Based on interviews with 13 stroke survivors recently admitted to a London stroke unit and 13 physiotherapists involved in their care, key differences were found in how self-management was understood. 

"Stroke survivors viewed self-management as a process related to caring for themselves, including ideas related to ‘doing things for yourself’ and ‘looking after yourself’ as part of carrying out everyday activities and roles. They didn't identify self-management as part of the care they received, but valued physiotherapists as ‘encouraging experts’ supporting their rehabilitation and recovery.

"Physiotherapists viewed self-management as a process in which individuals took an active role in their rehabilitation and responsibility to manage their recovery and health following a stroke. They identified a number of barriers to supporting self-management in the early stages following a stroke. This included reduced motivation and confidence, fatigue and cognitive impairment among stroke survivors, differences in quality of support provided by family carers, and the hospital environment itself.  

"Future research needs to address these barriers and differences in how self-management is understood between stroke survivors and health professionals to improve the ways in which self-management is supported following a stroke."


This study was funded by the Stroke Association through a postdoctoral fellowship awarded to Dr Euan Sadler (TSA PDF 2011-01).

About the researcher

Dr Sadler is a Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Implementation Science, King's Improvement Science, which is part of the Centre for Implementation Science at King’s College London. 

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