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Thursday, 14 September, 2017

The first NIHR (National Institute of Health Research) Stroke Research Workshop took place this week and was hosted at the University of Cambridge.

The workshop was the first of its kind to bring together pre-clinical (in the lab) and clinical (working with patients) stroke researchers in the UK.

We heard from a range of researchers, from subject experts to newer stroke researchers, and it was also an excellent networking opportunity. 

What did we do?

We were well represented by our researchers. Dr Richard Francis, our Head of Research, also spoke about our research programme and gave his top tips on how to apply for funding.

Dr Terry Quinn, Stroke Association and Chief Scientist Office Senior Clinical Lecturer, shared how we need much more consistency in cognitive assessment after stroke and also the need to know what actually works in a real-world setting.

Dr Paul Kasher is a recently appointed Stroke Association HRH The Princess Margaret Lecturer. He gave a talk about his pre-clinical work with zebrafish and how they may be used as a model for intracranial haemorrhage (ICH) in people. 

Find out more

The Cambridge Stroke team and attendees were highly active on Twitter. Check out @camstroke and #cambridgestroke to see some of the conversations from the day.

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