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Friday, 16 June, 2017

On 13 June, the UK Stroke Forum (UKSF) hosted the sixth Northern Ireland Stroke Conference in the vibrant city of Belfast, in partnership with the Northern Ireland Multidisciplinary Stroke Teams (NIMAST). Over 270 stroke care professionals were welcomed to the conference.

Delegates had a wide range of sessions to attend including:

  • Management of Cardioembolic Stroke.
  • Physical and Psychosexual Effects after Stroke.
  • Rehabilitation, enablement and enhancing the quality of life of nursing home residents post-stroke.
  • Reading between the lines of the new guidelines.

The diverse and engaging scientific programme saw over 15 experts present across four scientific parallel sessions and two plenaries covering a variety of topics including ‘Advancing the Stroke Pathway in Northern Ireland’. 

Speakers included Professor Assumpta Ryan, Ulster University, and Dr Emma Patchick, University of Manchester, who spoke about their respective research with stroke patients in care homes. Dr Patchick's research was funded by the Stroke Association. Dr Nick Ward, University College London, also gave a rallying cry for more 'aspirational' studies into upper limb rehabilitation after stroke, rather than pragmatic studies, which he argued give too low a dose of therapy to be able to search for any benefit.

Reshaping Stroke Services in Northern Ireland Pre-Consultation

The event proudly hosted the launch of the Health and Social Care Board ‘Reshaping Stroke Services in Northern Ireland Pre-Consultation’. This major public consultation attracted a wide range of media attention. Stroke survivor and volunteer, Gary Martin, appeared on several radio stations and Barry Macaulay, our Director for Northern Ireland, also took part in a series of interviews.

Check out coverage from the following stations and publications:

Stroke Association volunteers Helen Graham, Stephen Torrans and Jimmy Watterson also took part in a video to explain why stroke survivors should get involved in the public consultation on the future of stroke services.

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