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Photo of Kim with her dog. Infographic reads "Share our manifesto and help make stroke a priority"

On 5 May 2022, voters in Northern Ireland will go to the polls to elect the next Assembly. We’re asking the new government to make stroke a priority.

Stroke has slipped off the political agenda in Northern Ireland. Following the 2019 Reshaping Stroke Care consultation, the government committed to delivering more stable, sustainable stroke services that would enable better outcomes for patients by 2022. Unfortunately, these commitments have not yet been met and no revised targets have been provided. 

What can you do?

No matter where you’re based, you can still play a part. If you're based in Northern Ireland, you can:

If you live outside of Northern Ireland, you can:

What do we want to see?

We’re calling on the next Northern Ireland Assembly to:

  • Urgently progress the commitments made in Reshaping Stroke Care and set out revised targets for achieving these commitments.
  • Invest in and roll-out a new, long-term rehabilitation and support pathway to meet the needs of people affected by stroke.
  • Improve the detection and treatment of major risk factors for stroke by investing in and implementing ambitious stroke prevention plans.

Thank you for helping to #MakeStrokeAPriority. If you've got any questions about our work, please email Laura Orr, our Public Affairs and Campaigns Officer for Northern Ireland.