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We’ve produced our first ever report focussing on the quality of our support services funded by the NHS and our commitment to continue to improve.

We're excited to share with you our first Quality Account. This report highlights the improvements that we’ve made to the quality of our commissioned support services over the past year and features some of the areas of focus for quality improvement for 2022-23.

We're really proud of the services that we deliver, but we know that we can always do more to improve the quality of our service delivery and achieve the best possible outcomes for people affected by stroke. Quality will remain an ongoing focus as we continually strive to do better. 

Here's a snapshot of the priorities we highlighted for the next 12 months:


It is essential that our staff and volunteers are provided with high-quality training to be able to carry out their roles safely and effectively when they are supporting stroke survivors and their families. To improve, we invested in the new learning management system called LEARN. We will ensure all of our staff and volunteers can access our new training system and improve the quality of our training courses. 


Over the next twelve months, we will be putting in place a new Quality Framework for all of our support services (and other products). This Framework will outline our approach to managing and assuring the quality of the support we provide to stroke survivors and their families.

We will also improve our approach to ensuring that our services are accessible for everyone and have produced an Accessibility Plan for 2022-2023 outlining the practical steps we need to take over the next 12 months. 


During the coming year, we're focusing on improving how we capture, record and demonstrate the difference that our support services make.

We will be inviting people who receive our services to give us feedback through a series of questions, designed by people with lived experience of stroke, to self-report the difference it has made in their lives, and their experiences of our services.

Read the full report now.