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We're releasing a new 12-week programme of movement videos to help people who have had a stroke be active in the home.

Working with the charity A Stroke of Luck, which specialises in exercise-based recovery for stroke survivors, the videos offer three levels of difficulty and will cover different aspects of movement and physical activity. Each video is led by a qualified physiotherapist and includes written coaching notes.

A quick introduction video explains how the videos work and how stroke survivors can assign themselves to a level of difficulty. There is also a video offering advice to carers who may be supporting a stroke survivor to be active.

A new set of videos will be made available on My Stroke Guide every Thursday for 12 weeks.

The videos are designed to help people move more and improve wellbeing. Although they don’t replace rehabilitation with a qualified therapist, we hope they will be a helpful resource at a time when people might not be receiving the same level of support and advice as usual.