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A new report published today shows that stroke research remains severely underfunded compared to the devastating impact it has on people’s lives. The UK Health Research Analysis 2018 also shows stroke research receives much less funding than many other areas of health research.

Research is vital to drive improvements in stroke prevention, treatment and care. But, these latest findings show that there is a huge gap between the years lost due to stroke-related ill-health, disability or early death (DALY) and the amount of funding allocated to research. Moreover, these latest findings also reveal that since 2014, research funding into stroke has decreased slightly despite our previous research showing the number of strokes is set to double by 2035.

Report findings

The UK Health Research Analysis, highlights that stroke had received just 1.2% of the total spend on health research in 2018. This supports our previous findings that stroke received only £82 per DALY lost, compared to £225 in dementia and £187 in cancer, similar life-affecting conditions. These findings reinforce that much more funding for stroke research is needed.

The report, published by the Medical Research Council, is a comprehensive breakdown of funds allocated across different health conditions and types of research in the UK. The Stroke Association was one of 146 public and charity funded UK health research organisations that took part.

Quotes from our people

Hilary Reynolds, Executive Director of Research at the Stroke Association said:

“These latest findings back up our own reports that show the life-shattering effects of stroke remained forgotten or ignored. 

“With the number of strokes set to double by 2035, it’s never been more important to invest in stroke research that can improve how we prevent, treat and support people affected by stroke to rebuild their lives.”

Dr Terry Quinn, Stroke Association/Chief Scientist Office Lecturer said:

“Without funding by the Stroke Association, I wouldn’t be a researcher. Their funding has allowed me to dedicate 50% of my time to research, whilst maintaining my career as a stroke doctor. With the funding, I have established a team of researchers that are improving how we can identify and find new ways to support people with mood and thinking problems after stroke.”

What we do

As the UK’s leading stroke charity, we fund critical research, provide specialist support and campaign to make sure people affected by stroke get the very best care and support to rebuild their lives.  We are working to increase investment into stroke research that can achieve the greatest impact for people rebuilding their lives after stroke.

Read the findings from the UK Health Research Analysis 2018, and find out more about our research.

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