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In 2019, we developed a new corporate strategy in collaboration with staff, volunteers and people affected by stroke. Our new strategy will help us to:

A. Make stroke the priority it needs to be.
B. Ensure everyone affected by stroke has access to rehabilitation and life-long support.
C. Partner with people and communities to help them take action on stroke.

Over the past year, we have begun to make changes to our operating model. This involves changes to the way we're structured as well as ways of working so that we're able to make better progress towards our three strategic goals. 

Up until now, the operating model review has resulted in reducing the number of directorates and the size of our leadership team. We have made these reductions because our charity needs to become more financially sustainable so that we can continue to support stroke survivors long into the future.

We had originally expected a need to reduce our overall staff costs by between 10 and 20%. We’ve had a recruitment freeze in place since January 2020 and made a permanent organisational move to remote working, which reduces our spending on offices. We now know that our overall staff cost reduction will be closer to 12%.

We will begin consultations with affected staff from 19 April 2021, taking a phased approach. We anticipate that most consultations with affected staff will be complete by the end of June.

Our strategic corporate goals remain unchanged. We continue to be fully committed to driving for better outcomes in stroke prevention, treatment and lifelong support for everyone affected by stroke, whilst also making sure that we remain financially sustainable. We began this process before Covid-19 struck so that we could be in a better place to reach more stroke survivors and influence health and social care systems to prioritise stroke. 

As we move forward with our plans, I would like to thank our dedicated team of staff for their ongoing commitment to our work while being consulted on these changes. I'd also like to thank all of our wonderful volunteers, the brilliant clinicians we work with and our incredible supporters for their commitment and dedication to supporting people to rebuild their lives after stroke.