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Wednesday, 5 April, 2017

What is our lectureship programme?

Over the last 25 years we have worked to build capacity in stroke research, funding over 100 research fellows as well as the UK's first Chair in Stroke.

As part of our current research strategy we have gone much further, committing ourselves to building the next generation of research leaders through our lectureship programme.

These positions will play a critical role in building a vibrant community of clinical and non-clinical stroke researchers across the UK.

(Stroke Association Lecturers: Dr Lesley Scobbie, Dr Nele Demeyere, Dr Fergus Doubal, Dr Terry Quinn, Dr Rebecca Fisher, Professor Audrey Bowen, Dr Phil Clatworthy)

What happened during the lecturer training days?

Last week, our lecturers attended two training days at our head office (Stroke Association House, London). These form part of a schedule of activity designed to ensure they have the skills and support needed to succeed in becoming the next generation of research leaders.

On day one, our lecturers from the second round of our programme (2015-16), Dr Rebecca Fisher and Dr Lesley Scobbie, took part in their first coaching workshop with us.

On day two, all seven lecturers from both rounds of our programme took part in further coaching practice and training in the Action Learning Method.

The Action Learning Method is a structured approach to solving problems, and reflecting on learning in a supportive environment of peers. Day two was also an opportunity for all our lecturers to network and discuss the lectureship programme further with each other and our Research team.

(Rachael Fernandez (Bruck Payne Associates) delivering the Delivering Leadership Through Action Learning session)

Who are our lecturers?

Want to know more?

If you have an enquiry about our lectureship programme or any other part of our research programme, please email

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