Stroke Association Professional Masterclass Cheshire - Managing Stroke as a Long Term Complex Condition

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Wednesday, 29 March, 2017

Published: Wednesday 29 March 2017

Today our Stroke Training team delivered our Professional Masterclass in Cheshire, part of a series of classes for professionals working in stroke.

As part of each masterclass, we invite leading stroke experts to host seminars on their specialist topic. These speakers share their knowledge, skills and experience to aid delegates' professional development.

The focus of the Cheshire event was managing stroke as a long-term, complex condition and we were delighted to welcome Audrey Bowen, Stroke Association John Marshall Memorial Professor, University of Manchester.

Professor Bowen ran an interactive session, asking delegates about their confidence in dealing with the cognitive (memory and thinking) problems which patients experience after stroke. She shared how coping with these difficulties is one of the biggest hurdles for stroke survivors to overcome.

Also speaking at the Cheshire event was Dr Fiona Rowe, University of Liverpool, who talked about vision problems immediately after stroke. It is thought these problems are experienced by around two-thirds of all stroke survivors. Dr Rowe reminded how symptoms are not always obvious, meaning early screening is critical. She also provided information and links to multiple resources to aid the treatment of vision problems after stroke, helping delegates make an immediate impact in their practice.

As well as talks from researchers, delegates heard how it was important to understand stroke from the stroke survivor's perspective (Ms Charlotte Covey), discussed best practice case studies and had a Q&A session with all speakers.

To find out more about our Professional Masterclasses, please visit our Stroke Training section.

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