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In March 2020, Rontec Roadside Retail set out to raise £25,000 to support the Stroke Association. Customers using the company's petrol station were invited to add 25p donations on to their purchase of fuel and groceries. 

The partnership was due to last six weeks but footfall to Rontec Roadside Retail was impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Rontec kindly agreed to extend the partnership to ensure that their fundraising target was met to support people affected by stroke across the UK. 

In July, Rontec confirmed a donation of £31,000 to the Stroke Association, thanks to the generosity of their customers who have pledged 25p donations throughout the pandemic. 

Becky Francis, Head of Regional Corporate Partnerships said, “We face a huge challenge in reaching existing and new stroke survivors, their families and carers, to ensure that they have access to the rehabilitation and lifelong support they need. 

This ongoing challenge has been amplified by the coronavirus crisis, with stroke patients being discharged from hospital far earlier than normal to free up beds at a time when our income is falling.

With the support of organisations like Rontec Roadside Retail and the generosity of their customers, we are able to provide more people affected by stroke with the support they want, need and deserve, now more than ever.”