Stroke Association supports the AllTrials campaign

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Monday, 4 March, 2013

Published: Monday 4 March 2013

The Stroke Association is pleased to support the AllTrials campaign and has signed the petition for all clinical trials to be registered and published.

Best medical care is informed by the results of clinical trials but at the moment about half of all clinical trials are not published. This means that the results are not made available to the wider medical community and so cannot be used to guide best practice.

We're committed to transparency in medical research. The AllTrials campaign calls on governments and research regulators to make it compulsory to register all clinical trials and to publish the results, even when they are neutral or negative. This will help medical professionals to make the best treatment decisions for their patients and will ensure clinical trials are not repeated unnecessarily.

Find out more about the campaign and sign up to the petition here.

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