Published: Thursday 1 June 2017

The UK Stroke Assembly (UKSA) brings together people affected by stroke to share their hopes and concerns in a UK-wide forum. The annual events (North and South) bring together stroke survivors, carers and their families and gives them a voice to have their say on the issues that affect them. 

Some of our researchers were talking at this week's UK Stroke Assembly North event in Crewe, and shared important insights into key areas of stroke research.

The latest developments in stroke

Dr Fergus Doubal is a consultant stroke physician and Stroke Association Garfield Weston Foundation Senior Clinical Lecturer. He's based at the University of Edinburgh.

Dr Doubal shared some of the latest developments in stroke research and care across the prevention, acute care and long-term care phases of the stroke pathway. His own research is into cognitive (memory and thinking) problems after stroke, which largely falls under the long-term care phase of the stroke pathway.

What's hot in aphasia research

Professor Jane Marshall leads a large team of aphasia researchers at City, University of London. She spoke about the latest in aphasia research including her acclaimed EVA Park study, the peer befriending SUPERB study and the SOFIA study. All are being undertaken by her team and are funded by us.

Latest developments in fatigue research - workshop

Avril Drummond is the UK Stroke Forum outgoing chair and Professor of Healthcare Research at the University of Nottingham. She talked to delegates about the latest in fatigue after stroke research. This included her Stroke Association funded research study called NotFAST, which is investigating the factors that contribute to fatigue after stroke. 

More about UK Stroke Assembly

Find out more at the UK Stroke Assembly web page.

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