We're in the running for the Lidl Charity Partnership

We’re excited to announce that the Stroke Association has been selected to go through to the staff vote stage for the Lidl charity of the year partnership. The partnership would last for three years and is expected to raise anywhere between £1.5 million and £3 million.

This is a game-changing opportunity for us to make a transformational difference to the lives of stroke survivors and their carers, bringing us a step closer to conquering stroke.

A partnership with Lidl would mean that we can fund an innovative new service for carers of stroke survivors, which is desperately needed.

How can I personally make a difference?

Do you know someone who works for Lidl?

If you are friends with someone that works for Lidl, you can:

  • Ask them to vote for us and to champion the Stroke Association vote around their office, store or site.*
  • Post about the vote on social media - tell your friends, family or connections. You can use the hashtags #votetoconquerstroke and #proudtosupport to get the message out and encourage people to vote for us.

NB: *We've been asked to encourage you to only speak to your friends and connections rather than people you don’t know.

Do you work for Lidl?

If you are a Lidl employee, your vote will enable us to roll out a ground-breaking new service, Caring and You, across the UK.

Our Caring and You programme will directly support 6,000 carers of stroke survivors and will provide essential guidance, support and education to help carers confront the overwhelming challenges of looking after a loved one who has had a stroke.

Your vote could change lives and give carers of stroke survivors the vital support they desperately need. Please vote for the Stroke Association and tell your friends and colleagues to do the same.

Ollie Archer, Stroke Survivor

How do I vote?

Please logon to your intranet to vote. Voting opens on 13 March 2017 and closes on 31 March 2017. By voting for Stroke Association, Lidl can be proud to support our Caring and You programme, and together we can change the lives of families who have been affected by stroke. 

Why your vote is so important

Stroke can have a devastating and overwhelming impact on people and their loved ones. It can happen to anyone, at any time and any age. Stroke causes a huge variety of problems, it can leave you paralysed, leave you unable to speak, it can take away your sight, rob you of your memory. It can even change your personality. As a result, it is complex and incredibly challenging for a new carer to deal with.

Demand for ongoing support is growing and because of this too many more adults and children face the challenging role of becoming a carer for a stroke survivor overnight. 

Lidl employees can help alleviate the challenges faced by new carers. By voting for Stroke Association, you will be supporting our Caring and You programme, which will prepare, educate and support carers of stroke, so that that they can achieve the best possible life after stroke. 

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