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Published date: Saturday 11 March 2017

Published in the journal, BMJ Open, a new study explores what self management after stroke means to stroke survivors and physiotherapists.

Published date: Tuesday 7 March 2017

Although stroke survivors have reported fatigue as a problem, previous estimates of the numbers of people affected have varied greatly – from one-quarter to almost three-quarters of stroke survivors. Now, for the first time, a more accurate picture of the problem is being published in the journal Clinical Rehabilitation, thanks to The Nottingham Fatigue after Stroke (NotFAST) study, led by experts at The University of Nottingham.

Published date: Friday 3 March 2017

Yesterday our Stroke Training team delivered our Professional Masterclass in Stirling, part of a series of masterclasses for professionals working in stroke.

As part of each masterclass we invite leading stroke experts to host enlightening seminars on their specialist topic. These engaging speakers share their knowledge, skills and experience to aid delegates' professional development.

Published date: Thursday 2 March 2017

The International Stroke Conference (ISC) is the world's largest meeting dedicated to the science and treatment of stroke and its effects. Watch the highlights summary video from the ISC Programme Committee, and find out about the result of the international HeadPoST trial, and take homes from our International Development Officer, Sarah Belson.

Published date: Thursday 2 March 2017

Published in the journal, Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair, a new Stroke Association funded study suggests people who are in the chronic stages of stroke will improve their reaching accuracy at the speed at which they train their reaching movement.

Published date: Monday 13 February 2017

The International Stroke Conference (ISC) is the world's largest meeting dedicated to the science and treatment of stroke and its effects. This year, the ISC is taking place in Houston (United States), from Wednesday 22 to Friday 24 February 2017.On Tuesday 21 February, there is an additional symposium specifically aimed at nursing before the main conference.

Published date: Friday 10 February 2017

The Medical Research Council (MRC) has launched a new £5m call for capital investment to support between two and five human tissue banks with linked data resources.   Awards will be made to teams of academics working in close partnership with medical research charities.

Published date: Tuesday 7 February 2017

The Stroke Association has launched a Wales-wide campaign aimed at reducing the number of strokes across the country.

Published date: Friday 3 February 2017

To help plan the care of stroke survivors and their rehabilitation, health professionals usually use a scale called the Barthel Index (BI) to measure how well they can perform activites of daily living (ADLs).

Published in the journal, Stroke, new research into the BI suggests that a shortened version of the scale may be more suitable for use with stroke survivors when they take part in research trials, or as part of audits of clinical care. The new research consists of a systematic review and analysis of previous research.

Published date: Friday 3 February 2017

Funded by the European Union (EU), a new international study called PROOF will investigate whether high-dose oxygen therapy can reduce the effects of stroke.

The Stroke Association is a member of the Stroke Alliance For Europe (SAFE), which will work on communication of information about the PROOF trial to non-clinical audiences.