08/08/2020 - Sunny Sponsored Swim Success!

Photos from the sponsored swim in Salford Quay

Today, 12 brave volunteers took the plunge for the NW Stroke choir!

Since the coronavirus lockdown began, all choir meetings have been held online via Zoom. This has been working very well and has been a great source of social and emotional support for many of our choir members.

However, unfortunately, some members of our group have been struggling with the tech side of it or have not had access to the electronic equipment needed to be able to join in.

Choir members; Hilary Troop, Jacqui Greenfield and Jane Durkin, along with friends and family; Danielle Lowy, Vera Curtin, Emma Curtin, Claire Curtain, Erin Fagan, Rosie Oliver, Eoghan Fitzsimons, Jenny Oliver and Joe Troop all took part in a sponsored open water swimming event at Salford Quay to raise funds to provide equipment and support to enable all our singers to join us online!

A few choir members joined friends and family in cheering them on from the side-lines, as they swam a grand total of 18 900 metres (11.75 miles!) in an hour and a half, and raised over £2000 in sponsorships! Absolutely smashing their £500 target!

The choir would like to say a huge thank you to all the brave participants who took to the water and raised such a fantastic amount of money! This will really help to get the equipment and support needed to allow us all to sing together again!

You can see more pictures from the day and from the team’s training, as well as making a donation if you wish, on our JustGiving page.

Published 08/08/2020