Where do I start? What the right questions to ask so I can best help my Mum?

It’s been a long, hard 3 weeks. My Mum suffered TIAs due to the blocked artery but due to complications with the operation to clear it, went on to have a large stroke which has now left her without the ability to speak, shallow and move her right side. Her cognitive functions are badly affected.

She was in the Hasu unit at UCLH and now the Asu at the Royal Free in London.
She is in the process of assessment.

We are at the beginning of a long, unfamailier road and we in the dark a little about what we should be focused on to make sure we get the best care for my Mum.
We are asking about her rehabilitation routine, daily schedule and what are her goals. All a bit early, but what should we be asking, insisting on??

Any advice to help us start this journey on the right foot is much appreciated

Any private professionals, alternative therapies ideas are welcome.

Any feedback on the Royal Free?

Thank you,
From a concerned daughter

Thu, 11/2/2017 - 12:09pm
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