It happened at 4.30 this a.m. A demanding alarm shrieking in my ear. The bedside radio is right next to me so I grabbed the remote and tried to shut it off or at least quieten it down. My wife was calling to me asking which button to press. I replied that I was pressing all the buttons. I couldn't understand why it was happening, I didn't even know the radio had an alarm, and I hadn't been playing with it recently so couldn't have accidently set it up. It took a while before the shrieking stopped and we could return to sleep.

At breakfast I asked Valerie if she knew where the instruction book for the radio was so I could find out how to control it. She didn't know but related to me that several residents of the pensioner flats had problems with their smoke alarms going off unexpectedly. I thanked her for that seemingly rather unnecessary information.

At lunchtime I told her I could not find the instructions and would take the radio apart and disconnect the speaker. The discussion went back and forwards for a few minutes till we suddenly discovered that she was talking about the offending smoke alarm and I was talking about a non-existent radio signal.

I have just had my 88th birthday so I shouldn't be surprised if senility should be setting in, but we haven't stopped laughing about it yet. Even more so because I was once a trained fireman.


Mon, 11/6/2017 - 1:46am
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