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Dear Jackson
I thought about you when I awoke this morning. I assume you are at home. Looking back at my stroke diary to the 5 week stage....
I would sit and make each finger move as far as it would easily go. All 5 digits one by one. Then again and then again. Then clench a fist then move from the elbow then the whole arm. Think all the time about how I wanted those muscles to work. I found recovery progress was very good for six weeks. Quite good for 3 months then slow for the next year or so.

A big factor is that it is up to you to get that brain working. Don't wait for others to do it for you. Yes I got despondent. But for a lot of the time I just enjoyed the things I could do. And to get your brain to work the whole hand is a wonderful experience. I think of it as being a new born and learning just about everything from scratch. Our brains are amazing.

We have, for whatever reason, been given a second chance of life. I try to look forward to what I am capable of doing and not look back to when I could ride a bike and work all day with ease.
Yesterday I crawled on my tummy underneath an apple tree and applied the grease band. Now that used so many muscles and I was thrilled that I did it. I can already drive. Weak left leg doesn't matter for driving. And I get up a step ladder. Slow, but I can do it. And my balance gets better every week. And I wait on tables at the Churh café. I can pick up 8 mugs. Or a pile of plates. I have to go slow as every movement is a performance. But when another muscle comes online it is wonderful.


Tue, 11/7/2017 - 9:54am
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