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Thanks Vinnie, Im glad it brought it to your attention and you found it as interesting and as moving as I did. I guess we all compare ourselves to others and it helps us to consider how fortunate we are. It also demonstrated how no 2 strokes are the same, in that Junior Agogo was a picture of perfect physical health, running and excercising but his speech was poor to begin with, but he was progressing well, but you could see how it has knocked his confidence massively. Whereas Barry, was more how we see the `typical` stroke survivor, with the physical weakness aswell as the severe aphasia. It was very emotional seeing his visit to home and bought it all back to me, as Im sure it will to anybody who was returning home after a considerable time away. I think it would help people not affected by stroke to see this and hopefully educate them to the mental, cognitive and emotional issues, aswell as the physical issues .
My aphasia was less severe, I attended speech therapy for a while, but like the physio, that has now ceased. Im still seeing my occupational therapist and neuro psychologist, and with their assistance, I am currently starting my `back to work` programme, after 18 months away, its pretty scary at the moment.
Hopefully the programme is still on i player and anyone interested and hasnt seen it yet can search and take a look.

Tue, 11/7/2017 - 12:10pm
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